[Tyrfing] - A City of Shadows

Chaos in the Streets
Cleaning needs to be done and fast!

This city was paradise, everything you had ever wanted were within reach and immortality had never tasted sweeter. There were occasional attacks by the Sabbat but that was nothing more than sport for the likes of you.

Hell even the prince was in a good mood on most of nights and the harpies were easily bribed. Your funds were infinite, the sweetest blood were flowing freely and best of all; the mortals suspected nothing and thus the annoying archorns stayed way out of your way.

However one morning, a morning like so many others, you were all going to sleep again when something very odd happened. Shortly after going to sleep you were awakened by cellphones ringing and people storming in, the sun had not risen on the sky.

Everyone in the city, mortals and immortals alike, were all wondering what the hell were going on when 7 black vans pulled up at the tooth plaza, a building so named after its odd shape. Out of the the vans stormed 41 “people” all dressed in medival armor, carrying swords and yelling obscure battle shouts in latin. The templars, or whatever they were, breached the doors of the plaza and charged up the stairs.

Before anyone had the chance to do anything the prince and his entire army of bodyguards had been slaugthered and the templars were jumping off the roof of the 40 stories building. They all landed securely on the ground, leaving no small amout of damage to the sidewalk, and drove away in the black vans again.

The police chase was no success, the crossbow bolts, arrows and even the rocks they threw were enough to crash 12 police cars, killing 19 officers. Ofcourse they eventually escaped, as if the day hadn’t been bad enough.

2 hours later the sun came back up and as soon as it went back down you recieved the news coming from the council themselves. A new prince had been appointed and he was landing later that night also an archorn was going to be investigating some if not all of the events that had transpired on that most fateful of mornings.

The cover-up is going to be one expensive venture for sure.


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