[PC] Primogen Nicolaus de Angelo

Writer, artist and esteemed member of cultured society.


Nicholaus is the son of the famous artist and philanthropist William de Angelo. Nicholaus is shaping up to be as eccentric as his father; however the public at least agrees that he shares his father’s talent for creating macabre works of art. As the sole heir of the de Angelo estate, Nicolaus has begun expanding the family’s influence within the city.

He is a frequenter at the local watering holes of high society and owns several buildings in the more wealthy part of the metropolis. He holds the deeds for the Black Raven, a run down nightclub based in an old nuclear bunker. Within his holdings you can also find: Two art galleries within the city’s borders where he commonly showcases his art and the single largest theatre

The young Nicholaus is known for his peculiar dressing habits within all circle of civilized society and has gained a bit of fame within the artistic social structures.


[PC] Primogen Nicolaus de Angelo

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